Ring Merlet, winner of the 2018 Red Dot competition

Ring MERLET - Aliança Catalana de Diamants en Platinum. A laser-cut promise ring.
This ring is an Aliança de Brillants Catalana is built from a flat surface of simple platinum 0.8 mm thick that is laser cut. Then the cut surface bends, as if it were an Origami procedure, to achieve a very strong uniform annular structure with extremely precise gaps for fixing the diamonds inside.

The 11 diamonds have been selected 2.5 mm in diameter with a certain degree of blue fluorescence when exposed to invisible ultraviolet rays. The cut of the gem itself is perfect, it is done following the mathematical model of Marcel Tolkowsky (ExtraRussian), with a fire effect inside.
The basic model Merlet has 12 segments and therefore 11 diamonds of 2.5mm can be nailed. But it can be done with greater number with smaller diamonds.

The translation of the original design into a precise lasser cutting file on a platinum sheet was done by Maria Lobez Rocabert. the physical laser carving of platinum was performed by Tamec. The subsequent assembly and processing in our workshop by Gelo Fernandez. , the Clavat was handcrafted by the nailer Raimon Alzamora. Fluorescent diamonds were provided by Pueyo Diamantes. The dual daylight photo and the fluorescent light photo was taken by the Photographic Team.
Merlet Ring
Merlet Ring when subjected to UV light