- 25 Solitaire Rings with a proper name...

Solitary rings are grouped into

Basics. Beautiful but pure basic selection.

and a choice of 25 with Character

1-Trumpet Ring
2-Ring Yes
3-Lyre Ring
4-Ring Jonc
5-Ring Si with Cut
6-Ring Chair
7-Ring Burst
8-Manhattan Ring
9-Ring Gardener
10-Ring Cup
11-Chameleon Ring
12-Pisto Ring
13-Ring Bearing
14-Ring Bulb
15-Regalim Ring
16-Ring Hug
17-Dune Ring
18-Ring Bowl
19-Ring Pedreta
20-Mycenaean Ring
21-Tubet Ring
22-Podium Ring
23-Inner Intimate Diamond Ring
24-Temple Ring
25-Gondola Ring

And besides...
The Niessing Solitaires
Inox Solitaires
The Solitaires Tantal
The Carbon Solitaires 
It is a ring with a square or round section of 3mm or 4mm. It is shaped like a bugle. He wears a shiny or a 4 mm princess diamond. It's a bold but dry ring.
It gets its name because it is a question mark placed on the reverse side. It is the final part of the question "You want to share your life with me.?" The ring is a question mark and the answer we expect, "YES" it is the one that gives the ring its name.
It is a ring with a round or square section of 3mm or 4mm in which one of the ends protrudes vertically at the meeting point with the other. The protruding end carries a 2mm shiny or a 3mm princess/baguette
Ring round silver thread of 3mm section in which the two ends of the thread go towards the meeting point and in opposite directions, face and rise. Each end of the thread has a 2mm gloss. 
It is a lyre ring with a large cut where we fit a stone of great mileage
It's fun about the ring if you have a little higher up. We make one or two cuts and put a diamond or a colored stone.

Perhaps the great charm of this ring is that it has one of the "conceptes_mallol". Maintain the ecosystem of the material when a jewel is made. Staples are obtained from the ring's own body, trimming and lifting them. It's all the same gold. Born from the same and unique golden peladilla from which we begin the ring.

From the sides of the ring body itself, the 4 staples are trimmed and the width of the rest of the ring vault is maintained. Once raised, they serve as pillars to hold 1 medium diamond of 4.5 mm.

From the sides of the ring body itself, the 4 staples are trimmed and the width of the rest of the ring vault is lowered. Once raised, they serve as pillars to hold 1 diamond of generous kilatage... diamond 5.6 mm
Ring of flat section on the outside, I roll inside, which at the top has a point from which 4 staples emerge as if a geyser jet had fired material in 4 directions. Among the 4 staples will hold a large diamond of 4.5,6 mm.
Ring of square or rectangular section that at the high point forms an emerging rectangular prism. At the top is put a diamond cut princess (square) or bagette (rectangular). At the same time the prism can be of different heights, as are the skyscrapers of Manhattan.
You can also see this ring in the section of stackable rings since it can be combined with others on the same finger, which being of different heights, take a perspective like skyscrapers in Manhattan
Ring of rectangular section that at one point forms an inverted pyramidal prism. At the top is put a diamond cut princess (square) or bagette (rectangular). The prism can have different heights. This ring can be combined with other similar ones so that it takes on a look like a planter's area. You can also see it in the section of stackable rings 

10-Ring Cup
Ring of rectangular section that at the high point forms an inverted conical prism. At the top is put a Bright one. The cone at the same time can have different heights.

The space for the finger has no circular shape but elliptical. 

Salvador Mallol Joier has made a study of the organic shape of the finger that is elliptical and not round, and therefore we modulate the interior of an elliptical ring, the upper stone of the ring is positioned at the top and centered, and does not move or lie while it is worn,  a fact that makes the stone shine and shine much more, being focused towards the eye.

This ring can be combined with other similar ones so that it takes on a light line look like. You can also see it in the section of stackable rings 
Ring of rectangular section that is formed from bending a long silver strip in two. In the bend 2 diamonds will be nailed on both sides and with the double strip formed the vault of the ring is completed.
Ring of round section of 3mm that at the top has a hollow cylinder where a shiny 4,5,6mm is nailed. It is especially seductive in gold and with an emerald.
13-Ring Bearing
Ring of round section of 1mm that at the top has a volume that is similar to the shape we would get if we cut a pillow in half. This volume of 1/2 lame, fixed to the ring by its blind part, welcomes in the open part a bright 4.5.6mm
14-Ring Bulb
Ring of thread of 1mm section. At the top of the ring the thread forms a volume, a spiral of thread around a cylinder. This volume at the top is placed a glossy 4.5,6mm. We call it a light bulb ring because the spiral it makes reminds us of an old electric bulb cap.
15-Regalim Ring
Ring of round section of 1mm, 2mm or 3mm, which at the meeting point between the ends, one of them arrives with the molten tip in the form of a drop of water. This gives a water drop effect that slides around the ring in the form of a drip of water that makes the dew at dawn on the tijes of the leaves. The freshness expressed in gold.
16-Ring Hug
Ring of flat section on the outside, round on the inside. One end mounts on top of the other. In the overlap zone, a gloss of 4.5.6 mm is nailed. In a variant of the ring, the width of the section is less at the bottom of the ring than at the top. Then we call it that it is fiery.
17-DUNA Ring
Ring with a very wide rectangular section and very little height. At the top an elevation is made on the surface, emulating a desert sand dune, and at its maximum elevation, a gloss of 2.3.4mm is placed on it. You can also put a colored stone.
18-BOL ring or CRISOL
Ring where the magic potion boils, with a round section of 3 mm. At the high point it forms a container, a crisol. In the upper flat part of the crisol it has a gloss of 4.5.6 mm
19-Ring Pedreta
Ring of round section of 3 mm, which at its high point, incorporates a figure or volume similar to a small river stone. In the upper flat part, the pebble, it has a gloss of 4.5.6 mm. The pebbles are made by dropping silver of 1000 miles molten into cold water. By instantaneously solidifying, silver suelta pebbles are generated that we then discern and turn into jewel.
20- Mycenaean Ring
Ancestral welding. Welding without welding. It is welded to the same material. They are interspersed in the path of the ring, 3 or 4 small and very thin rectangles, such as 3 or 4 badges made with the same material as the ring but due to their finesse they melt before the thick thread of the body of the ring from which we just want to join the two tips.
21-Tubet Ring
It is a ring that has a thin cylinder at the top. On the tip he wears a shiny mini. The height of the tube in each ring is different. You can wear a single one or with a choice of 3 rings that have the tube of different height, a landscape is made. All these rings can be made in gold of different colors or in silver.

You can also see it in the section of stackable rings 
22-Podium Ring
The podium ring surrounds a bright 6-thick column. Perhaps the interesting part of the ring lies, within what is the search for how to hold a diamond with grace, in the fact that 2 of the columns are an extension of the body of the ring. The others, which have the same section 4 are welded to the base of the "column courtyard".
23-Ring with inner intimate diamond
You don't see it here, :) ,but this ring has a 2mm blue diamond nailed to the inside. Only you know it and only you can see it or share it with anyone you want.
24-Ring Templete Princess and Shining Templete
The Templete ring is light and sutile. Straight and thin pillars hold the diamond in bright (round) or princess (square) carving. The stone contrasts greatly with the lightness of the pillars, and takes on a great role. Also on its sides it has great visibility since the pillars hide it very little.
25-Baguette ring or Gondola
It has the same principles as the Templete ring but the stone in this case is elongated, diamond but in baguette carving.
Niessing Solitary Rings

With Niessing we have an important reference. Technically, it is excellence. And his Solitaires are always spectacular and innovative. They are the inventors of the tension ring that holds the shin by sheer tenacious force of the material. Now other manufacturers can make this type of rings, because the patent has expired. But they were and always will be the first. In addition, his brilliant ones are first class, sublime.
INOX Solitaire Rings

Inox has long been a material incorporated into Jewelry. It is fresh and has great tenacity. Its weight becomes noticeable and durable over time. It seemed difficult to put diamonds in stainless steel, but in the end technology makes everything acceptable and here you have it. Tension rings even.
Tantal Solitary Rings
Tantal is another element of the periodic table, such as gold or silver... It is a transicio metal that has been incorporated not so long ago into jewelry because it has qualities that allow it to give satisfaction, in weight, color, tenacity to the wearer of the ring. Its atomic number is 73, that is, it weighs, has a gray-blue color and is very hard.
Carbon Solitary Rings
Carbon is also a material recently incorporated into jewelry, but it has been fast and with great acceptance.  Carbon is the material from which diamonds are coposed, only that these comn have an orderly structure are transparent, unlike the amorphous carbon that is this one that has a black or gray color. Carbon actually makes chains or fibers. With them you can make a fabric and in the end a very resistant material and to which it can be given any shape. You even have the suicient tenacity to hold diamonds in tension.
 Patrick's Solitary Rings

Patrick is a German jeweler with whom we have established a business relationship due to affinity with his way of working. German crafts of the first order. And a great sutility in the shapes and curves.