Multidiamant Rings

You'll also hear them called like bright gallery rings. It is a type of ring that is used for very special occasions. Because we want to ask if our partner wants to share life with us, because a new member has arrived in the family, because we want to reaffirm what we feel for the other person...

In Salvador Mallol we have a great tradition with this type of ring. And we make them by hand and in an artisanal way. We have 4 big families according to base support


Ring Aro
Ring worked in colisa
Ring with hand-welded staples
Laser cut ring - Battlement Award 2018 Red Dot by Salvador Mallol
Ring Aro - El Bellver
Ring Aro - The Lumiere
It's like an old slide show. They are windows of light and brightness that ring when you turn
Ring in lime colisa
They are made with precission flat lime (colisa) while lowering the spaces to nail the diamonds
Rings with hand-incorporated staples.
In the base ring, one of the grapefruits that will hold the diamonds is soldered.
Laser cut rings - The MERLET Red Dot Award 2018 for Salador Mallol

It is made on a 1mm gold or plati plate. Once the drawing is cut out, the ring is folded and assembled as if it were an origami sculpture. With this ring that you see the BATTLEMENT we managed to win the Red Dot Award 2018 for Jewelry for Salvador Mallol. In that case, diamonds were fluorescent.