What are our principles?

Here we will talk about the concepts that move us

We are Salvador Mallol Jeweler. The people who make up the team right now are Salvador, Gelo and Toni. We are the ones behind and in front of the jewels that are made in our store.

For those of you who do not know us, we are an atelier jewelry store located in the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona, on Verdi Street, where we manufacture our jewelry from beginning to end. We are a jewelry store where we do everything by hand. This does not mean that we do not use technologies that can open up new paths for us. It means we like to work with our hands. We have special devotion to the usual tools. The workshop tools that are used by hand such as the thread stretching machine.

Our workshop and our customer area are together. There are 2 spaces in the store in continuous visual contact with each other.

We have always made a wide variety of jewelry but this year 2022 we want to focus on engagement rings and alliances. For this reason we will enhance the previous appointment and while we are with your visit we will close the store. It's a pilot test that we're very happy with.

We also sometimes define ourselves as a Jewelry Without Haste (Slow). It means that we like to devote the time that each thing requires. Now you can hear an accelerated message to whats in half the time the person has used to record it. But we don't want to make a ring in half the time. We do it in full time. The Ring when we make it gradually grabs the mallol personality and then you will add your mark. That's how you're going to make it yours.

We are also a shop that we do kilometer 0. This for us means asking for jobs from all the neighborhood professionals we can. The nail of the stones, the engraver of the names in the rings, and others. We always try to offer you manual work options in these processes.

In addition, we participate in the Local Consumption movement, which promotes neighborhood consumption.

We use traditional techniques but we also investigate new ones. Have you seen the Merlet Ring? An origami made of laser on 1mm platinum plate was the generating idea in the Merlet ring awarded at the Red Dot 2018The battlement ring is craftsmanship and technology together. Perhaps this defines us what if it is what Salvador Mallol Jeweler is. 

Materials are one of our devotions. Seeing how to work them and squeeze their properties appeases us. In the traditional gold, silver, platinum, we have been adding nylon, stainless steel and titanium for some time. And we really like to tell you. For example with the nylo we investigated a property whose memory effect was born some of our earrings, the ball-ball. Lately we have incorporated two new materials such as Tantalum and Carbon.
The gold colors are many but we simplify them in 4 although there are intermediate colors. ALL of them in our store are 18 Kt.

Yellow Gold
Green Gold
Red or Pink Gold
Grey Gold

We know well and we are devotees of natural stones. The vivid colors that we can find in the gems of color, being able to teach them before riding. Blues that fall in love. Always hunting at the Inhorgenta Munich Fair year if not. Now comes the synthetic diamond.

The last material we incorporate into our range is the synthetic diamond. Because it has two of the characteristics that we consider very important in our ideology. Sustainability and blood cleanliness. The carbon footprint left by the manufacture of a synthetic diamond is much less than the one that lets it be extracted from the depths. And at the same time the harsh conditions at the foot of the mine will not add blood and huma suffering to the diamond. We are also confident that this synthetic product will allow us to offer stones of sizes and colors that previously in the prices of the natural market would have been impossible.

Other aspects that define us are, that we make textures to finish the metals and hammer them, boil them, scratch them... that our favorite finish for smooth gold is matte and we do not make metal baths since they have a limited life. They are usually made to obtain the traditional white gold finish, but we work it natural and therefore has a yellowish grey color since it contains gold. We call it grey gold and it is very common in German jewellery from which we are followers in some respects.